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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Great Tidings! 100 works have finally been selected by our panel of judges on 3 Feb 2007, for Eye e City 2006.

We shall be notifying those participants whose works are selected. These works will be published in a book and shall be exhibited publicly in August 2007, at the National Library.

Do keep a lookout in your mailbox for our correspondence. Those who do not hear from us, pray do not strike us out of your address book. We are planning some "activities" that may involve you. Good things lah!

In advance, Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Monday, January 29, 2007

Eye é City 2006 Photos Selection
Date: 13 & 14 January 2007
Time; 10am to 3pm
Venue: Basheer Graphic Book's City Room, Bras Basah Complex

Sunday, January 14, 2007




Monday, January 08, 2007

To all who submitted their photos for Eye é City 2006, please be reminded that the Preliminary Selection will be held at Basheer Graphic Books' City Room on 13th and 14th Jan 2007.

Please go to #04-19 Bras Basah Complex on the date and at the time that you have chosen.

We wish to take this opportunity to thank all participants and all sponsors for making this event possible again this year.

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Friday, December 29, 2006



种种疑问与问题总在近日的开会中提出,只因我们都抱着一股热忱欲把最好的做出来。5个人齐分担这重量,坦白说很不简单。还好一直获得四面八方的支持,加上各报章媒体在这几天都陆续刊登活动消息,给我们打了枝强心针。在这里先向大家说声thank you!



Thursday, December 28, 2006

All Eyes!

Are you ready for the challenge?

Within a 24-hour period, you need to hand in 36 pieces of photographic works, depicting life in our city Singapore!

Challenging our city dwellers, Eye e City 2006 will once again be the platform for our participants to capture the spirit of “Life in the City” and present their observations to the public.

Combining the art of Photography and Journalism, 100 pieces of works that best describe the city in 2006 will be selected for final exhibition and publication by August 2007.

Using film or digital format, participants will be facing a new challenge this year. We are introducing a new style for the first time in our event. Participants may experiment with presenting their topics in a 5-framed Photo Essay format. Find out more when you register.

Come and Join us at Bras Basah Complex, ground floor, foyer outside Cheers Store, for a mini-exhibition, where interactions through conversations and discussions with past participants, organizers and experienced photographers may take place.

Set the date in your calendar, 30 Dec 2006, 7pm till 10pm. Registration and issue of films will take place at the booths. You can also purchase our past publications at a special price. Last year’s participants can also collect their printed works (those selected) if they have not done so.

Event proper will take place during the last 24 hours of the year. Starting from 12.01am till 12.59pm, 31 Dec 2006, participants will work at getting their topics from anywhere within Singapore, including the outlying islands.

Both the film and digital users will then return to our booths on 31 Dec, 8pm till past midnight, to submit a maximum of 36 frames for qualifying. On 13 and 14 January 2007, participants will personally select and enter their best 3 sets of work. Final Selection by a panel of judges will occur at the end of the month.

If you are not enthusiastic with photography, but very interested with the overall purpose of our event, you are welcome to join us and volunteer your service. Do contact us.

Best of Cheers for 2006 and Best of Wishes for 2007!

Eye e City 2006

A Visual Account of the Last 24 Hours of 2006

The pioneers of Eye e City were inspired by this event in Penang back in 2002 when they decided to start a similar one in Singapore. Since then, the 24-hour photo event which once enthused 7 Malaysian cities disappeared from the Peninsula.

We are very happy that it is now back in Penang and hopefully in time to come, in other cities not only in Malaysia, but also the world.

An opportunity for dwellers, where ever they are to care for and express their feelings for the place they live in through photographs.

Monday, December 25, 2006

“来,来,来!” (eye é city 2005)
Clementi Interchange
Loo Hwei Kwin 吕蕙君


Saturday, December 16, 2006

我期望 (eye é city 2003)
Bright Hill Road, Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery
Thong Bee Lay 唐美丽

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Forging Stronger Ties for the New Year (eye é city 2005)
Pierce Reservoir
Syairazi Zhafran B Suhaimi

"A melting pot of culture and tradition, the common denominator that all Singaporeans can relate to is a special occasion, especially a weddng. The picture is proof that no matter who or where we come from, Singaporeans are able to enjoy peace and harmony due to the racial understanding that we have between the different races and cultures in Singapore."

Friday, December 01, 2006

Early Delivery (eye é city 2005)
Geylang Road, Corner of Lorong 25
Lye Teck Yong Edmund 赖德荣

"The silent workers of the early morning still brings the news to awakened slumber."

Sunday, November 26, 2006

As 31 December 2006 is drawing close, we will be featuring works from previous years in this blog. From the images, we can see the changes of a city through the eyes of the ordinary Singaporeans.


Singapore's Pottery Jungle/Village (eye é city 2005)
Chen Wei Teng 曾慧婷
"The only pottery place in Singapore which uses a giant woodfire kiln to burn pottery pieces (most other pottery places use electric kilns these days), this pottery jungle dates back to a long history."

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Eye é City invites you to attend our first Fringe event:

11 November 2006 (Saturday), 3-5pm,
Central Lending Library,
Basement 1, Multi-purpose Room

Gracing the start of our year long activity are Sha Ying and Ray Chua, who will be sharing their expertise in photography with Eye é City 2006.

This year, we will be trying out Pre-Registration for our main event, which is held on the last day of the year. Those who opt to use digital cameras will be able to sign up early from 11 Nov 2006, after the sharing session.

In its 5th year running, we are glad to offer you slices of our city at $15.00 per copy of our past publications. If you have been a keen participant, you would be glad to own a full collection, if you have not done so. Participants whose works were selected and published were given a complimentary copy for that year of participation. Do encourage your friends to support our common work too! Start a collection now!

Kindly note that we will be returning Eye é City 2004 & 2005 exhibited prints after the sharing session to participants whose works were selected for exhibition. For participants who have not collected their film negatives and CD-ROMs of Eye é City 2005, they can collect from 5pm to 6pm. Uncollected works will be disposed.

The most important thing, which is usually said last, is that this event would not have existed and survived without your loyal support. To bring this event to the next level, we really need your sustained interest, voluntary efforts and caring spirit. Our event is run fully by volunteers, with the kind support of our sponsors.

Do leave us a comment or email for any enquiries. We will be happy to hear from you!

《城市的眼睛》将在来临的11月11日举办‘摄影分享会’。地点在中央借阅图书馆的多用途讲堂(国家图书馆底层1楼),时间为下午3 时至6时。


为了让有兴趣参与《城市的眼睛》2006岁末24小时影像纪录的朋友们能提早报名,我们会在当天进行预先报名活动 。(只限数码相机使用者,软片使用者必须在12月30日报名。)


同时我们会在分享会结束后把《城市的眼睛》2004 及2005 年的参展作品送还给参与者。凡未拿回《城市的眼睛》2005年底片和光碟的参与者也可以在当天到现场索取。



Sunday, October 01, 2006

Do You Own a Slice of Our City?

Whether you're a teacher,
or whether you're a student;
Whether you're a doctor,
or whether you're a patient;

Whether you're a boss,
or whether you're a customer;
Whether you're a taxi driver,
or whether you're a passenger;

Whether you're a millionaire,
or whether you're a pauper;
Whether you're a local,
or whether you're a foreigner;

Whether or Not,
What Matters Most,
Is Whether YOU OWN,
A Slice of OUR CITY?

From the Past,
To the Present,
If you haven't,
Please Do So!

Check out the various bookshops listed in blog entry on 17 Aug 06.
Grab A Slice of Our City, before they're GONE!!!

Sunday, September 24, 2006







Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Fond memories of those born in the 70’s and 80’s.

You grew up watching He-man, MASK,
Transformers, Silver Hawk and Mickey Mouse.
Not to forget, Ninja turtles,
My Little Pony and Smurfs too.
You know what SBC stands for.
You grew up brushing your teeth with a mug in
Primary school during recess time.
You will squat by a drain with all
your classmates beside you,
and brush your teeth with a coloured mug.
The teachers said you must brush
each side 10 times too.
You paid 40 cents for Chocolate or Strawberry MILK
every week in class.
You watched a very popular Malay dubbed
Japanese drama on RTM1 about schoolgirls
who possessed powerful skills
in volleyball called Meoro Attack.
You found your friends with pagers and
handphones cool in Secondary school.
SBS buses used to be non-airconditioned.
The bus seats were made of wood and
the cushion was red.
The big red bell gave a loud ring when pressed.
There were colourful tickets from TIBS buses.
The inspector would check for tickets by
using a machine that punched a hole in the ticket.
You’ve probably read Young Generation magazine.
You know who’s Vinny the little vampire
and Acai the constable.
You were there when they first introduced MRT.
You went for the first ride with your parents
and you would kneel on the seat to see the scenery.
Envelopes were given to us to donate money to
Sharity Elephant every Children’s Day.
Movie tickets used to cost only $3.50.
Girls were fascinated by Strawberry Short Cake
and Barbie Dolls.
You learned to laugh like The Count in Sesame Street.
You longed to buy tidbits called Kaka
(20 cents per pack), and
Ding Dang (50 cents per box), that had a
toy in it which changed every week;
not forgetting the 15 cents animal crackers and
the ring pop,
where the lollipop was a “diamond” on the ring.
You watched TV2 (also known as Channel 10) cartoons
because Channel 5 never had enough cartoons for you.
Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, The Three Investigators,
Famous Five, Secret Seven, Sweet Valley High,
St Claire’s and Malory Towers your favourite books.
KFC used to be a high-class restaurant that
served food in plates and
let you use metal forks and knives.
The most vulgar thing you said was asshole and
idiot and THE MOST EXTREME WAS ‘super white’...
you just couldn’t bring yourself to say the hokkien relative.
Catching was the IN thing and twist as the magic word.
Your English workbooks were made of some damn
poor quality paper that was smooth and yellow.
CDIS was your best friend.

The only computer lessons in school involved funny
pixellised characters in 16 colours walking about
trying to teach you maths.
Waterbottles were slung around your neck and
a must everywhere you went.
Boys loved to play soccer with small plastic balls
in the basketball court.
Teng-teng, five stones, chapteh, hentam bola
and zero point were all the rage with the girls and boys too...
Science was fun with the balsam and the angsana
being the most important plants of our lives,
guppies and swordtail being the most important fish.
Who can forget Ahmad, Bala, Sumei and John,
eternalized in our minds from the textbooks.
Even Mr Wally & Mr Yakki. What about Miss Lala???
And Zaki and Tini in Malay Textbooks?
We carried out experiments of our own to get
ourselves badges for being a Young Zoologist/Botanist etc.
Every Children’s Day and National Day
you either get pins or pens
with ‘Happy Children’s Day 1993’
or dumb files with ‘Happy National Day 1994’.

In Primary six you had to play buddy for the younger kids
like big sister and brother.
We wore BM2000, BATA, or Pallas shoes.
Your form teacher taught you Maths, Science and English.
The worksheets were made of brown rough
paper of poor quality.
You went to school in slippers and
a raincoat when it rained,
and you find a dry spot in the school to sit down,
dry your feet,
and wear your dry and warm socks and shoes.
School dismissal time was normally around 1 pm.
There would be spelling tests and mental sums
to do almost everyday.
Your friends considered you lucky and rich
if your parents gave you
$3 or more for pocket money everyday.
You saw Wee Kim Wee’s face in the school hall.
You freaked out when the teacher told you to
line up according to height
and hold hands with the corresponding boy or girl.
Boys liked to catch fighting spiders.
Collecting and battling erasers was a pastime for boys.
Autograph books were loaded with “Best Wishes”,
“Forget Me Not”, and small poems like
“Birds fly high, hard to catch. Friends like you, hard to forget”.
Class monitors and prefects loved to say,
“You talk some more, I write your name ah!”
There were at least 40 people in one class.
Large colourful schoolbags were carried.
You brought every single book to school, even though
there was one thing called the timetable.
Never frown when you’re down,
you never know who’s falling in love with your smile...
Though you may be wondering why
this "poem" is posted here,
ask yourself if it has given you ideas,
about what to look out for when you
Eye this City in 2006?
What else do you remember of Life in Singapore,
that you can still "witness",
before they get "washed away" by the Tides of Time?
Join us in Eye é City 2006!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

《联合早报》Lianhe Zaobao 28 July 2006

Friday, September 01, 2006

Share With Us!

If you have or know of blog or website that is related to photography, especially if it is about social changes and events in Singapore, tell us about it by sending us an email with the link.

Or write us essays, poems or send us a photo reflecting social changes and events in Singapore.

We will be most happy to get connected with you.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

《联合早报》Lianhe Zaobao 30 June 2006

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Review from August 2006 issue of ICON《风华》magazine.

Friday, August 18, 2006

And there are so many ways...

Eye é City depends on the support of people in so many ways. You can be part of this meaningful movement to document history and humanism by :

being a participant
drop the registration date, 30th Dec in your diary and we'll see you then!

helping us out as a volunteer
yes, we need help!
no help is too small and no time too little.
send us an email with your name and contact number.

buying our books
start a collection of Singapore's (unofficial) history??

coming to our exhibiton every July at the National Library
and be inspired to take part the following year!

spreading the word
in any way

Remember, Eye é City exists only because you still care.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

You can now get the book, Eye é City 2005 from :

Basheer Graphic Books

Books Actually

Earshot Cafe @ Artshouse

National Library Gift Cart


Popular Bookshop

Riceball Photography Books

Ruby Photo Co

Select Books


Union Book Co.

The Museum Shops at Asian Civilization Museum and Singapore Arts Museum

The books for 2002 and 2004 are also available at Select Books, The Museum Shops and the National Library Gift Cart.